Please note: The SMILE research study does not provide services for people. While we wish we had resources available to help people needing access to medical care, mental health care, or meeting basic needs, we are not able to provide any services through this research study. 

However, when we hear about available services in your country that may help sexual and gender minorities, we are happy to post that information on this website. Please contact us to tell us about available resources that aren’t already listed here. 

***Do you see any resources listed here that aren’t friendly or helpful for sexual and gender minorities? Please let us know about it, and we’ll remove it from the list! 

Kenya Resources

TRANS SUPPORT CBO KISUMU: An organization whose main aim is to create visibility, improve opportunities, and enhance the wellbeing of Intersex, Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming people who live in rural areas of Western Kenya.

Western Kenya LBQT Feminist Forum: An organization focused on building an intersectional feminist movement that will enable LGBT women's participation in decision making and social and economic engagement.

Kisumu Lesbians (KISLEB) Organization: Focuses on championing and advocating for the rights of Lesbians, Bisexuals and Queer (LBQ) Women in the Western part of Kenya.

Men Against AIDs Youth Group (MAAYGO): Focuses on integrated health, human rights, policy advocacy. and general welfare of GB- MSM within the Lake Victoria Region.

Nyanza Rift Valley and Western Network (NYARWEK): An LGBTQIA+ network that advocates for the rights of its members in Western Kenya and the Rift Valley.

Women Working with Women(3W): An organization focused on ensuring LBQ women enjoy justice, freedom, and equity.

SHINNERS CBO: An organization that targets young men from the age of 18 years and above with sexual and reproductive health, economic empowerment, advocacy for human rights, and professional development interventions.

TINADA Youth Organization: Focused on integrated mental health rights education and campaigns, child and youth empowerment, sexual reproductive health, and disaster risk-reduction.

Keeping Alive Society’s Hope (KASH): Focused on integrated Health Services, Human Rights, Economic Empowerment, Governance, Policy and Advocacy, and Organizational Development and Systems Strengthening.

Kisumu Male Sex Workers (KIMASWO): An organization whose vision is to promote sound health, human rights, and economic empowerment for male sex workers in Western Kenya.

Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK)The Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK) is focused on promoting recognition, acceptance, and defending the interests and rights of LGBTI organizations and their members including their health rights.

Ishtar MSMIshtar MSM is a Community Based Organization in Kenya aimed at attaining full sexual health rights and social wellbeing for Men who have sex with men (MSM) in Kenya.

Transgender Education and AdvocacyA Kenyan organization aimed at promoting awareness and creating an appropriate environment for the well-being of all transgender and intersex individuals in Kenya.